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Todos los Equipos de Zephyrtronics son Ingeniados y Fabricados en los Estados Unidos de America.

Precalentadores, Aire Caliente

Lápiz de Aire Caliente, Soldar, SMD

Dosificadores, Botellas, Flux

Hilo Desoldador LowMelt®

Extractor de Humos

Puntas, Agujas, Dosificadoras

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Sus Soluciones Para Retrabajo SMD, SMT, BGA, QFN de PCB.  Precalentamiento, Dosificando,
 Extracción de Humos, Suministros, Sistemas y Equipo Para Soldar Con Aire Caliente. 
Algunos de Los Clientes de Zephyrtronics...
NASA General Motors Boeing
GameStop Disney Rockwell-Collins
JPL Sony Microsoft
Intel Motorola Agilent
Xerox International Rectifier National Semiconductor
Xilinx Philips Semiconductor Nokia
AMD BF Goodrich Aerospace ITT
Google Westinghouse Facebook
Bell Helicopter Lockheed-Martin Apple
The Smithsonian Canadian Armed Forces Caterpillar
L3 Communications Solectron 3M
Ford Motor Company Pace General Electric
Celestica Delco  Chrysler
Eastman Kodak Fisher Scientific Sandia National Labs
BAE Systems Lawrence Livermore Fairchild Semiconductors
Texas Instruments Flextronics Northrop Grumman
Panasonic Hitachi  Dell
Kyocera Broadcom Logitech
AT&T International Space Station (ISS) Litton
General Dynamics Medtronics Mitsubishi
U.S. Navy Aerojet Harris Corporation
U.S. Marine Corp U.S. Air Force U.S. Army
Thales L.A. County Museum Actel
U.S. Defense Department U.S. Dept. of Agriculture The Central Intelligence Agency
Nortel Orbital Science Hamilton Sundstrand
Parker Hannifin Pitney Bowes Procter & Gamble
Crane EB Games Stanley
Rainbird Samnina SCI Schlumberger
Hughes Tool Company Sears St. Jude Medical
Texas A&M University The Getty Museum Digital Instruments
Toshiba U.S. Treasury Dept. TRW
Tyco U.S. Naval Weapons Lab University of Texas
Halliburton The Robert Bosch Corp. Black & Decker
Columbia University New York University University of Illinois
Stanford University Harvard University M.I.T. University
Abbott Laboratories Los Alamos National Lab Honeywell
Boston University Princeton University Sun Microsystems
University of California Teledyne B.E. Aerospace
Fermi Nuclear Labs Warner Bros Studios Universal Studios
Panavision Dolby Sound Bose
Littelfuse Bruker Corporation Sandisk  
Whirlpool Notre Dame University Particle Accelerator CERN
 We acknowledge the trademarks of all of the above institutions, corporations, companies and research laboratories listed above.
      Zephyrtronics Milestones    

The "early days" of the company as David Jacks & Randy Walston leave their safety nets with Fortune 500
Corporations to address emerging chip technologies, and began to lay ground work, engineer, R&D, test &
evaluate & apply for patents on their new, milestone low temp approach to benchtop soldering & rework. These
earliest concepts, designs and products later would become industry standards within the global electronic
 industry, forever changing how printed circuit boards were made in initial prototyping and design and in
 rework and repair, as well.
David  and Randy Introduce the World’s First Stand-Alone, Bottom-Side Convection Preheating System, The
Patented AirBath, to the Global Electronics Industry to immediate acclaim and industry praise. 

Zephyrtronics was awarded the prestigious "Vision Award" for Best New Product of the Year at the Surface
Mount International Exposition in Silicon Valley. Motorola certifies the Zephyrtronics equipment and
methodology after extensive laboratory testing and evaluation. Large Aerospace corporation orders 100
of Zephyrtronics AirBaths for its high end production facilities. 
The editorial staff of SMT Magazine spotlighted Zephyrtronics as one of the three most innovative companies of
the year. Hundreds of Zephyrtronics AirBaths selected utilized for for building the International Space Station.
Zephyrtronics was selected as supplier of choice by the U.S. Department of Defense. Zephyrtronics aggressively
litigates against a competitor for patent infringement and is successful. Competitor settles out of court. 
Meanwhile, the Patented AirBaths Are Tapped For U.S. Air Craft Carriers, Including the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk and
 used in missile production. Zephyrtronics introduces the ZT-7 Comprehensive BGA, SMD Benchtop System. Sony
Places First Order After Only Seeing Prototype at Trade Event.

National Semiconductor recommends the Zephyrtronics Patented ZT-7-MIL for Reworking of BGA's, CSP's,
QFN's & All SMD's. Zephyrtronics defends copyright infringement by competitor who settles out of court for
unauthorized commercial use of our technical writings. The Company doubles it's manufacturing and corporate
office space to accommodate its rapid growth.
Zephyrtronics continues string of three years as the fastest growing manufacturer of benchtop soldering
equipment in the U.S.A. Thank you for growing with us. Zephyrtronics introduces ZT-5100 AirMill™ Automatic
Dispensing Systems and Accessories Product Line.
In Six Sigma Study, a leading aerospace company acknowledges change to Zephyrtronics would prevent $1
Million per year in rework scrap compared To competitor's products.
The Zephyrtronics ZT-7-MIL is selected by The J.P.L. Mars Rover Project for Ball Grid Array Processing.
Zephyrtronics Introduces Wide Array of Dispensing Products and Supplies to Industry Acclaim. International
Rectifier Recommends the Zephyrtronics ZT-7 for Reflow of BGA's at the Benchtop.
After smashing success of the Mars Rover program, NASA issues 39-page report to NASA / JPL employees touting
Zephyrtronics for making "mounting/removal of thru-hole and SMT/BGA easier than routine benchtop
methods". NASA engineers visit Zephyrtronics, who later happily lends our facility and equipment to JPL
engineers collaborative effort for Mars Program.
Zephyrtronics Expands its Leadership in Preheating Introducing the Powerful MegaGrid™ AirBath. Additionally
Zephyrtronics extends its offering of dispensing products.
Zephyrtronics Introduces it ZeroLead® Branded Lead-Free Solder Paste and ZeroLead® LowMelt® DeSolder to
the world market.  Both products are RoHS Compliant.

Zephyrtronics launches E-Commerce site to service our world-wide customers.

Zephyrtronics expands Its International Distribution with new partners & agents in Europe, Asia, Africa, 
South America, Australia and the Middle East.

Zephyrtronics again successfully defends a patent against infringement by an unimaginative & cheesy
competitor, who later files for bankruptcy in 2010. And the patented Zephyrtronics ZT-7 continues as the #1 BGA
& SMD Hot Air Station in the World, and first choice for repair of video gaming consoles. 
Zephyrtronics declines two acquisition offers to purchase company.

In the midst of a global recession, Zephyrtronics increases, yet again, its manufacturing operations, capacity
and expands its factory space by over 50% in Los Angeles, thereby keeping its "Made in the USA" commitment for
all Zephyrtronics equipment. 
Zephyrtronics introduces its new highly active pre-fluxed solder wick
and a fluxless solder wick for PCB de-soldering tasks.
Company Expands Its Multi-Function & Popular ABC PCB Cradle Line. 
More and more PCB Repair Centers for Video Game Consoles, Flat Screen Televisions, Smart Phones, PC's and Tablets
After Buying Ineffective "Rework Machines" that warped and damaged their customers' boards.
Our Patented ZT-6 AirFountain° Approved for Space Application & Approved By NASA for
Connector Soldering Because of Superiority Solder Joints Over Press Fit Connectors With Serious Intermittent Issues

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Cómo Se Hace - Retrabajo de SMD, BGA
Cómo Se Hace - Retrabajo SMD; Cómo Pre-Calentar Adecuadamente, Cómo Se Hace - Reparar BGA y
μBGA; Cómo Se Hacen - Soldar Componentes de SMD Rápido y  Eficazmente; Cómo Se Hace - Retrabajo Sin Plomo; Cómo Quitar  - Chips SMD Economicamente; Cómo Se Hace - Quitar / Remover SMD Profesionalmente; Cómo Se Hace - Lápiz de Aire Caliente / Soldar con Lápiz de Aire; Cómo  - Quitar Dispositivos SMD Cómo Reparar PLCC, QFP, QFN, LCC, SOIC, SOL, Shielded SMD, TSOP; Cómo Soldar y Desoldar Capacitores Cerámicos; Cómo Se Hace - Soldar y Retrabajar Diodos de Vidrio

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Accesorios e Insumos Para Soldar, Soldadura en Hilo, Alambre de Soldadura No-Clean, Soldadura en Alabmre Eutéctica, Soporte Para Carrete de Soldadura en Hilo, Soldadura en Pasta, Soldadura en Pasta Sin Plomo, Flux, Dosificadores de Pasta de Soldadura, Barrita Desoldadora Low Melt
® , Hilo Desoldador, Puntas Para Cautines, Puntas de Reemplazo Para Cautines, Herramientas Para Desoldar Thru-Hole, Puntas Para Desoldar, Puntas Para Quitar Thru-Hole, Mecha Desoldadora-Trenza Desoldadora, Extracores de Humos, Filtros Para Extractores de Humos, Filtros Activados Por Carbono, SolderMill™, Sistemas de Pre-Calefacción, Preclentar Through-Hole, Precalentadores de PCB, Removedor de Flux, Cómo - Quitar Thru-Hole / Desoldar Through Hole / Remover; Cómo - Usar Hilo Desoldador Low Melt®; Cómo- Evitar Levantar Pistas del PCB; Cómo- Desoldar / Quitar Pesados Planos a Tierra; Pre-Calentadores Para Soldar y Retrabajar Aplicaciones Sin Plomo

Sistemas de Dosificación, Jeringas Para Dosificar, Dispensing Barrels, Puntas Cónicas Dispensadoras, Agujas Desafiladas, Agujas de Acero Inoxidable, Agujas Dosificadoras,
Agujas Industriales, Puntas Dosificadoras, Accesorios Para Dosificar, Pasta de Soldadura en Jeringa, Estante Paste Rack Para Soldadura En Pasta, Suministros de Dosificación, Émbolo Dosficador, Dosificación Manual, Dosificadores Automáticos, Botellas con Bombilla de Alcohol, Botecitos de Presión, Botellitas Para Limpieza, Botella con Brocha, Botellita con Surtidor, Botecito con Bombilla

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®, Flux No-Clean, Flux BGA, Flux Para Retrabajo, Removedor de Flux No Inflamable, Equipos de Inspección, Equipos de Magnificación, Lupa Con Magnificación, Maginficador Antiestático, Pen Vac, Pinzas SMT, Extractores de Humo, Pinzas SMD, Sostener Tarjetas de PCB, Puntas de Aire Caliente, Puntas, Hisopos Con Esponja, Hisopos Antiestáticos, Brochas Aplicadoras, Estuches Para Retrabajo,
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