PC/104, PC 104, Plus, Card, Repair, Rework, DeSolder, Connector, Removal

Rapid & Effective Thru-Hole Hot-Air “Selective Soldering” Connector Reflow System
Wow! Simultaneously Solder or De-Solder Hundreds of Thru-Hole Joints In Less Than One Minute!
“Solder Pre-forms” for Selective Soldering Mixed Boards.

STEP 1: Assemble the “Solder Pre-form” onto the through-hole connector (or a thru-hole component)
as shown.

STEP 2: Insert your connector (with pre-forms attached) into your PCB from above as shown.

“Paste-in-Hole”, “Pin-in-Paste” “Intrusive Reflow Soldering” for Selective Soldering Mixed Boards.

STEP 1: Carefully dispense the determined amount of Solder Paste to the thru-hole pad and barrel. A good rule of thumb: have a minimum pin-to-hole ratio of 0.3.

STEP 2: Insert conn-ector from above into the board as shown.

“Solder Washers” for Selective Soldering Mixed Boards.

STEP 1: Assemble the Solder Washers onto the connector (or thru-hole component)
as shown.

STEP 2: Insert the connector (with Solder Washers over pins) into the board from below (so washers do not fall off). Washers will be sand-wiched between conn-ector body and substrate.
S T E P S   3  &  4   F O R   A L L   M E T H O D S :
    STEP 3: Position PCB onto the ZT-6 with connector leads into opening of corresponding FountainHead®. (Approx. one minute for reflow using the Digital Countdown Timer). Use ABC-6 to support larger PCB assemblies.   STEP 4: After count-down, gently remove PCB from AirFountain® and cool PCB rapidly. Clean and inspect. Ready for next board! Turn off ZT-6 when finished.  


Updated February 17, 2021


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