BGA Rework Station
PCB  Rework Station


BGA Rework    SMD, CSP, QFN Soldering & De-Soldering   Hot Air Rework Station   BGA Alignment   Lead-Free Reflow


How to Repair & Solder Laptop & Tablet PC Boards

#1 Hot Air Benchtop Rework System in the World!
Complete Systems Including Preheating as Low as Only $2,995
With 2-Year Limited Factory Warranty! Ideal for PCB Repair With
Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Flat Screens & More!
How to Repair & Solder Smartphones PC Boards  

Mars Mission

Hot Air Rework, BGA & SMD Station

BGA Removal

CSP Rework

SMD Removal

Socket Removal

Reballing BGA

Thermal Profiles, Programmable, Ramp, Soak, Temperature Control

  • Low Price & Dependable (15 Years!)
  • 2-Year Limited Factory WarrantyUSA Made Quality!
  • Aligns, Solders & De-Solders BGA's, QFN's &SMD's
  • Re-Balls BGA, CSP's and µBGA Chips
  • Automatic Vacuum Pick-Up Removes Chips
  • Stores Up to 31 Customizable Thermal Profiles
  • Z Axis, Up & Down Heat Zone
  • Y Axis Back & Forth, Retractable Heat Zone(Patented)
    You Never Need to Move Your PCB:
         - Access Your PCB for Chip Alignment
         - Access Your PCB for Inspection
         - Access Your PCB for Cleaning
         - Access Your PCB to Apply Flux
         - Access Your PCB Without Heat in Your Face
  • Powerful for Your Lead-Free Applications
  • Ideal for Rework, Prototypes & Chip Re-Programming
  • Sets Up in Minutes, No Air Hookups Needed!
  • No Exposed Air Hoses & Moving Power Cords
  • Minimal Training Needed. Easy to Use!
  • Space Saving, Compact & Modular Design
  • Place & Remove, Solder & De-Solder Chips
  • Controlled Thermal Ramping: Top & Bottom
  • Post-Reflow Cooling Integrated Within System
  • Terrific For Through-Hole Connector Removal!
  • ZT-7 System Includes:
       Top Side Hot Air Reflow Station
        Bottom Side Powerful Preheat
        Adjustable PCB Holding Fixture
    - Modular Design Permits In-Tandem Multi-PCB Work
           - Durable Extruded Dovetails for PCB Insertion

    - Holds Boards Up to 21" (53cm)
           - Locking Knobs On Side, Not Top (Important Feature)

        Stores Up to 31 Custom Thermal Profiles
        Closed Loop Temperature Digital Control
        Real Time Digital Display of Thermal Activity
        Big LED Easy
    -to-Read Display. No Eye-Strain LCD.
        Audible Countdown Timer
  • Up to 2,000 Watts of Power!!!
  • Forced Convection Superior to Ineffective IR
  • Does Not Reflow Adjacent Chips. A Big Deal!
  • Loaded With Premium Features & Benefits.
  • Optional: 100-Piece PCB Supply Kit
  • No Comparable Convection System at This Price
  • #1 for PCB Repair of Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Factory Technical Support Year Round
Updated June 8, 2016
The Mars Rover

"The ZT-7 System is affordable, easy to use and is the best hot air station I've ever worked with. Unlike others where I was uncomfortably hot working around them, the ZT-7 is pleasant to operate. It never breaks down like other systems I've used. That means a lot to a small company like ours. I wish we had found the ZT-7 years ago." -- Eunice Bedford, Jan. 2003

The ZT-7 System
By NASA on
Rover & Phoenix


The ZT-7 is your economical bench-top rework and prototyping system with process controls and precision features "built-in". The system mirrors larger, high-end multi-zone, multi-thermal profile reflow ovens. The semi-automatic system reduces labor-intensive hand-soldering and de-soldering methods, and awkward hand-held tools, making processing BGA's, SMD's and QFN's a breeze!

The ZT-7 is currently in use in aerospace, academic, medical, military, automotive, entertainment, electronics, telecom, computer, gaming, laptop and smart-phone repair work for 14 years. From Tomahawk and Patriot Missiles to XBox360®, the ZT-7 is still the undisputed #1 SMD & BGA Comprehensive System on Earth.

NASA Rework Report

39-Page Rework Report
 by NASA With
 300 Photographs
 Ships With Every
 ZT-7 System

Hundreds of Zephyrtronics Used to Build the ISS, International Space Station.

Details, specs, chip capacities & pricing here

Fifteen Years of Proven Success in the Field With Our Repeat Customers: NASA, JPL, GameStop, Motorola, Sony, Intel, Northrop-Grumman, Boeing, National Semiconductor, General Dynamics, International Rectifier, Xilinx, LSI Logic, Philips Semiconductor, Nokia, Panasonic, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. Armed Forces, Lockheed-Martin and more. Learn more here.    











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